Services - CWI

Certified Welding Inspector


  • Interpret drawings and other documents.
  • Verify that the base materials and consumable welding materials conform to the specifications and that welding filler metals used are as specified for each base material or combination of base materials.
  • Verify that the welding equipment to be used for the work is appropriate for use with the welding procedure and has the capability to meet the applicable requirements of the welding procedure.
  • Verify that the welding procedures are as specified and are qualified, and that the welding is performed in conformance to the applicable procedure.
  • Witness performance and testing of procedure qualification test assemblies, or supervise these activities when performed by outside agencies.
  • Verify documentation of procedure qualification test results.
  • Verify that welders, welding operators, and tack welders have been qualified in conformance to the applicable standards, and that they are qualified to use the welding procedures specified for the work.
  • Witness testing of the welder test assemblies and/or welding operator qualification test assemblies, or supervise these activities when performed by outside agencies.
  • Verify documentation of performance qualification test results.

Inspection of Work

  • Verify that only approved or qualified welding procedures are used for the work.
  • Verify that the edge preparation or joint geometry meet the requirements of the welding procedure and drawings.
  • Verify that the specified filler metals are used and that filler metals are maintained in proper condition, per requirements, or as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Verify that the technique and performance of each welder, welding operator, and tack welder are as specified.
  • Verify that the work conforms to requirements of the applicable standards, drawings, orother documents.
  • Verify that the work inspected is identified and documented in accordance withspecified requirements.

Nondestructive Examination

  • Perform the required visual examinations.
  • Verify that the required visual and other nondestructive examinations have beenperformed by qualified personnel in the specified manner. Review the resultinginformation to ensure that the results are complete.
  • Perform many further nondestructive examinations that are required, providedqualifications are in conformance to the specifiedrequirements.


  • Prepare clear and concise reports and verify that records of the welding procedure, thewelding procedure qualification, the welder's, welding operator's and tackwelder's qualifications, the control of welding materials, and the results ofexaminations are maintained.